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How To Light A Real Estate Home Like A Pro

Hesitant to send your children to dance at the DJ night? Disappointed for missing the ultimate disco event with your friends? Planning a party at home and want to surprise your dance-loving guests? No need to think much. Take your laptop, your tablet, your phone or whatever device you use to check the internet. Type our address like you type and open our official site.

Take a virtual pro tour of our site and create the pro in your house

A pro at home cannot be more enjoyable with our unique, patented and innovative disc lights. Designed, developed, and commercialized by party experts with the right essence of disc jockeying, interior designing and event organizing, we also offer service and handle live events at selected locations.

Shop for us for all kinds of disco balls, rotating lights, LED wall washers, solo lights with moving head, moonflowers, LED lights with UV, scanners, laser lights, LED light bars and much more.

Our products come in different sizes to suit the size of the room and versatile fitting panels for firm molding on the desired type of platform. Be it your walls, windows, floor, roof or table, our lights will be a perfect fit anywhere to pump up your party mood.

For residential houses, we have designed special home-needs category of lights. Through months of research and market survey, we have developed these compact and portable light systems in different sets of colors.

You can select your choice of color combinations or the entire color range.

The lights can be projected in different directions by rotating the knob, you may want to highlight the entire hall or a particular group participating in an activity.

The width of the lights can be adjusted and you can even create blinking disco lights for the entire area.

Shop now and enjoy the laser pro show in your house.