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The Real Estate Villa Market in Thailand

If you’re at a comfortable financial position and you feel like you’re a citizen of the world rather than belonging just to one country, then buying property abroad has probably already crossed your mind.

Whether you want an apartment in Paris overlooking the Seine, or beach hut in Jamacia that borders the jungle, there really is something for everyone.

After travelling myself, and knowing people who have been all over the world, there is no doubt in my mind that the only place I would consider buying a property right now is in Thailand. Thailand has it all. Beautiful beaches, sprawling cities, amazing food and best of all, it’s largely ignored as somewhere people would invest.

The fact that people choose to invest elsewhere means that the cost of owning a property in Thailand is so much cheaper than other places. This is no more true than in the west, where prices can easily exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars for a small apartment in a run down flat.

Some of the nicest villas in thailand are located in Koh Samui. An island paradise located just off of the coast of Thailand. White sandy beaches, palm trees, glistening water. It’s like you’ve just walked into a postcard!
What’s more is if you feel like jet setting across the world, you’ll easily be able to find somebody who will gladly rent your Villa from you. There’s no shortage of people who want a vacation in Thailand

Investing in Thai property is a smart move. The country is attracting more and more people each year, meaning that prices are only going to go up. That plus, globalisation means that Thailand is quickly becoming the go to destination of people from all over the world. Be smart and don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.